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" It’s not about achieving the goal. It’s about who you have to become in order to achieve the goal. The juice is in the growth "

Tony Robbins

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I worked as a litigation lawyer for over 15 years in house and in private practice for corporate clients. In my senior leadership roles I provided training, mentoring, and coaching to teams and clients. When I qualified as an accredited ICF Energy Leadership Coach in 2015 this changed my whole perspective professionally and personally.

I decided to change my career, after much deliberation to become a full time coach when my health started being affected through working long hours, feeling stressed, and anxious, having low energy, and feeling burnt out. I was not able to balance my personal and professional life, and felt unfulfilled in my job.

After I had my daughter in 2016, I used to suffer tension headaches, and migraines every fourth weekend, which I thought was due to a hectic week. I would ignore the pain symptoms, and continue with the distractions of life, therefore neglected my own wellbeing. Three years later after having my son I suffered a severe disc prolapse over lockdown, which left me in a debilitating way for months. I was not able to stand or walk for any length of time, and felt helpless and depressed. The most gut wrenching part was not being able to look after my kids, or see a way out of my chronic pain, which was constantly 24/7.

I knew I needed to gain support, and coaching, to reduce my anxiety and pain, and focus on goal setting to heal. I enrolled on a pain recovery course called SIRPA to learn about mind body tension (TMS) syndrome through reading a book by Dr Sarno, author of Healing Back Pain, which was my lightbulb moment, and learning about the neuroscience behind the root cause of pain in the body. As I now know our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings in our mind hugely impact the body from past or present experiences.

I had tried all conventional methods of physiotherapy, and chiropractic treatments, along with massages. I went for an MRI scan, and at a consultation with a neurosurgeon I was advised to have surgery. The most effective treatment, and my path for becoming pain free was coaching.


It was through the support of coaching, and 100% believing I would recover through using daily goal setting to fully recover without any further medical treatment, surgery or painkillers, which transformed my whole life. The pain presented me a gift and a purpose to help others that were in need of changing their mindset, and to take massive action, and not ignore the pain in their bodies. I know how it feels when you’re desperate to recover, to fear that something has happened to you, and the pain cycle is excruciating. It’s a lonely journey where you think that nobody around you understands your level of pain. This is why I have made this my mission to coach others who are in a similar scenario, and to coach them out of their pain through Mind Action Progress (MAP). My selfcare and wellbeing are non-negotiable.

I now coach others who are experiencing pain, especially if the medical treatment is not working. I partner with you through a step by step process. Awareness and education is the most important component, along with believing you will recover from chronic pain. Once you are aware of the mind/body connection, then it is necessary to work on the mind, to take action, no matter how small, and to make progress. This will take place over a number of coaching sessions to ensure you are on your way to healing and living a fulfilled life. I am qualified in providing an Energy Leadership Index Assessment report to find out where your current energy level is, and what your energetic stress reaction is professionally, and personally. I am also a qualified NLP and DISC Practitioner.

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" The purpose of pain is to move us into action. It is not to make us suffer "

Tony Robbins

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